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  • – Ancient Apparition: Fixed status impact overlooking enchantment invulnerable units (HP Freeze and Shatter).
  • – Outworld Destroyer: Fixed a few things not proccing Essence Aura properly.
  • – Silencer: Fixed Last Word not being activated by Invoke.
  • – Slark: Fixed Pounce restricting illusions.
  • – Undying: Fixed Decay giving excessively mending to Undying.
  • – Fixed Shadow Blade connection with Critical Strike.
  • – Fixed Cycloning yourself making you take harm from Orchid.


  • – Players who evade an game will get a little matchmaking timeout
  • – High positioned players will ought to appreciate speedier line times amid less dynamic times

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Dota 2 Map Hack DOWNLOAD links with updater(s)
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